About | The Design Assemblage

ASSEMBLAGE  /əˈsɛmblɪdʒ/


  1. A collection or gathering of things or people
  2. A machine or object made of pieces fitted together
  3. A work of art made by grouping together found or unrelated objects


The Design Assemblage brings together change-makers to instigate creative ideas and conversations for designing the future way of living. Through a programme of events we aim to curate the creative clash of different design disciplines.

A place for knowledge share, business, intellectual expansion and the meeting of enthusiasts and trailblazers.


The Design District is located in culture fluid Illovo with the heart of it at Oxford Manor. Strategic business in the area is part of a map, put together by TDA, that is of interest to the design community - including coffee shops, art galleries, healthy eateries and business spaces.

We will continue to activate the area through collaborative design projects such as installations, want-to-see-want-to-experience pop-up’s and exhibitions. These will happen with Oxford Manor, on the street and in local neighbouring buildings.


A space to fuel the creative clash of different design disciplines. A place that inspires creativity, encourages interaction and sparks collaboration. Ultimately, TDA is a think and do tank offering design professionals an opportunity to engage with thought leadership projects and platforms.

We are passionate about and committed to: building and sustaining spaces for businesses and brands to showcase products and ideas for the future way of living.


Unit 4, Oxford Manor,
196 Oxford Road, Illovo,
Sandton, 2196