PADI Afrika Design Day | The Design Assemblage

17 - 21 February 2020

The Design Assemblage

PADI – the Pan African Design Institute


We are all users of design, in not only the physical spaces where we spend our time but the digital ones as well. Design, both good and bad, is inherent in virtually everything we touch and do. We all know that good design challenges entertain, inspires and protects us in our day-to-day lives. What not be as obvious is that good design can also improve our social relationships, by developing empathy, nurturing the dignity and celebrating cultural differences.

PADI – the Pan African Design Institute – has declared that the week of 17th to 21st February this year will be Afrika Design Week, culminating with local presentations on the 21st February – Afrika Design Day. Centered around the theme of ``Now Is Our Time,`` events will take place across the Continent to promote design to the general public and create awareness of the contribution professional designers can make to improve our communities. These events will be organized and executed locally, can take any form that the local individuals and organizations think are most appropriate for their area.

Here in South Africa, we are especially lucky because the International Council of Design, ico-D, is hosting its board meeting in Johannesburg that same week, and board members of both PADI and the International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers will also be in town. The IID will be co-hosting a panel discussion on the state of African design in the 21st Century with perspectives from all these international designers, and you are all invited to attend.
Furthermore, PADI would like to exhibit your work on this auspicious evening, be they physical entries or electronic ones. Please send us your best examples of how your designs have improved lives, they will be on display at The Design Assemblage in Sandton on Afrika Design Day.

Stay tuned for more details.
And remember, OUR TIME IS NOW!